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Volunteer with Restorative Justice Housing Ontario

We're so grateful to everyone who expresses interest in volunteering. We look forward to starting this journey with you.

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Apply

Fill in some info about yourself and past volunteer experiences. We want to get to know you!


Apply now

Step 2: Interview

During your interview, we'll discuss your past volunteer experience and what you hope to do at RJHO. We usually expect volunteers will have some experience working with people living on the margins of society to build on. We also conduct a Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check as a matter of course. We ensure confidentiality, and a conviction on your record may not preclude you from engaging with RJHO. We also ask our volunteers to share that same commitment to privacy as they meet with residents and other volunteers.

Step 3: Training

Now comes the fun part: training! No worries - we don't plan to bore you with dry lectures. Training focuses on developing and protecting relationships - between volunteers, residents, and communities.

About volunteer training

Training will encourage volunteers to meet and learn about each other and refine their personal techniques for relating to others. We emphasize this because the individual volunteer will be part of a residential team that works exclusively with one housing unit made up of three or four residents. The success of the program will grow from the way people relate to one another: volunteer to volunteer, volunteer to resident, resident to resident and resident to the community at large.

Training will also cover conceptual and practical considerations such as mission, organization, insurance and talk about the backgrounds and needs of the residents. These topics relate closely to how volunteers will build effective relationships with one another, the residents and the larger community. Volunteers will also get ongoing mentorship from volunteer Team Leaders and regular reviews of operations with an eye to continuous learning by the organization.