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Donors & partners

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller

We are so grateful for the support of our donors and partners. Without their help, we wouldn't be able to support individuals making the adjustment to life after leaving prison.

Thank you to our donors

We have received support from several organizations. We are immensely grateful to:

  • La Fondation Emmanuelle Gattuso
  • Coghlan Family Fund at Toronto Foundation
  • Kindred Charitable Foundation
  • Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto
  • Echo Foundation
  • Robert Kerr Foundation

Our partners are essential

A number of organizations are working to support individuals make the adjustment to life after leaving prison. Our goal is to work with many of these like-minded groups, their knowledgeable staff and their dedicated volunteers.

Safe, sustainable and supportive housing is a critical to successful reintegration, but it is not the only critical factor. That's why we're proud to working with the following groups to foster a community that supports every aspect of reintegration.

We'd like to thank the organizations and groups that have provided us with help and guidance:

  • The John Howard Society
  • Houselink & Mainstay Housing
  • The Jean Tweed Centre Justice Programs
  • Dixon Hall
  • The Neighbourhood Group
  • Street Haven
  • Margaret’s Housing & Community Support Services
  • Building Up
  • Friends of Dismas
  • Yonge Street Mission
  • The Salvation Army and Fred Victor