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Our plan


We help former prisoners find homes in areas removed from situations that contributed to their offenses.


We are recruiting volunteers who can help former prisoners re-adjust and find success after their release.


The money we raise helps to bridge the gap between rental costs and what former prisoners can afford to pay.

Our short term goals

Creating a safe, supportive and sustainable community isn’t going to happen overnight. Part of our strategy is to begin small, learn and grow. To start, we will:

    • Build partnerships with faith and other communities to find volunteers who can support residents at each RJHO location.
    • Establish a profile of people most likely to succeed with our assistance.
    • Recruit, screen, train and support volunteers by the third quarter of 2020.
    • Begin communicating with correctional staff by the second quarter of 2020 to refer people who can benefit from our program.
    • Continue to support the four residents of the house we've rented.
    • Begin locating and selecting occupants for a potential second house, once appropriate, for the fourth quarter of 2020
    • Rent an additional apartment by December 31, 2020. We will choose a place located away from “triggers” for re-offense.
    • Continue fundraising enough to cover needed costs. We use this money to cover the gap between what tenants can afford and the actual costs.
Smiling volunteers unloading cardboard boxes from truck

Estimated budget as of early 2020

2020: $62,500
2021: $85,800
1,000-day budget: $198,200

Get involved

Let's have a conversation about how you or your group can help find safe, supportive and sustainable housing for an ex-prisoner in need.