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What’s in a name?

“Restorative justice” defines a significant part of our organization’s name: Restorative Justice Housing Ontario. Together, the two words signify making up for harm caused by crime and working towards positive and just relationships within communities. When a person commits a crime, he or she does more than break a law. The crime harms a community’s sense of safety, its trust, or its personal or collective property. Restorative justice highlights the central concern for victims’ needs. It begins with a concern for repairing the harm suffered by victims as much as possible, both concretely and symbolically. Restorative justice also recognizes that… Read More »What’s in a name?

Hiring: Program Director

Restorative Justice Housing Ontario is hiring! This exciting new initiative, providing housing with support for newly released prisoners, is inviting applications for a Program Director. Although this is initially a part-time position, growth is anticipated in the number of hours required as the number of occupants grows and as additional funding is secured. The Program Director will work closely with, be supported by and be accountable to the RJHO board. The full job description is attached (along with the RJHO brochure) and is reflective of a potentially future full-time position. Based on funded time allocations, job priorities will be set… Read More »Hiring: Program Director